Homemade Ramen With Shrimp

The chilly temps in San Diego recently have me craving warm, nourishing foods. I try to eat in sync with the seasons as much as possible (i.e. soups and squash in the winter, salads and such in the summer).

I’ve had Ramen on my mind recently, so I figured I’d take a pass at making some at home. 


◆ Vegetable broth (or any animal broth)

◆ Ramen noodles

◆ Shrimp (or any meat/protein you’d like)

◆ Shiitake mushrooms

◆ Rice vinegar

◆ Oyster sauce

◆ Coconut aminos or soy sauce

◆ Fish sauce

◆ Chili garlic sauce

◆ Bok choy

◆ Garlic

◆ Ginger

◆ Onions

◆ Soft boiled eggs

◆ Optional:

◆ Ghee or other healthy fat

◆ Ashwagandha or other adaptogen


Optional Toppings:

◆ Green onions

◆ Cilantro

◆ Furikake

◆ Lime wedge



◆ Prepare Ramen noodles in a separate pot of boiling water (do not prepare noodles in the broth, as the noodles cook, they release a starch that soaks up all the liquid)

◆ Soft boil the eggs

◆ Sautee all veggies in a skillet

◆ Bring broth to boiling and add thawed shrimp

◆ After 3-5 minutes add sauteed veggies to broth

◆ After about 5 minutes, add 1-2 Tbsp of rice vinegar, fish sauce, chili sauce, and soy sauce and allow for boil for another 5 minutes or so

◆ Strain Ramen noodles and place in a bowl

◆ Pour broth mix over noodles

◆ Add desired toppings


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