Egg Carton Labels Explained

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How many of you get overwhelmed buying eggs? What do all the different labels mean? How does organic differ from cage-free? What about pastured?

Allow me to break it down:

Natural, Fresh, Pure, Vegetarian
These labels really don’t hold any weight or designations.

Means the birds weren’t in cages for their entire lives. It doesn’t mean that they got outside, just that they weren’t imprisoned 100% of the time. Cage-free also has no implications on their feed or whether or not they were dosed with antibiotics or arsenic (yes, you heard that right, commercial farms may use arsenic in their poultry)

It means just that – the birds were not injected with antibiotics or arsenic. But, this has no weight on their living conditions.

This label is also meaningless as it’s illegal to use hormones in poultry anyways.

Organic egg farms have to adhere to tough animal-welfare standards such as living conditions, health care, transport and slaughtering process. Regulations for organic poultry also establish minimum indoor and outdoor space requirements.

This is the golden standard for eggs (although not an official designation). Pastured farms adhere to organic standards but it means that the chickens were allowed to free roam outdoors when they wanted and eat what they liked.

Omega-3 eggs mean that the birds were fed a diet rich in omega-3s, aka now you are eating a diet rich in omega-3s!



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