8 Tips To Help You Get Back Into Your Wellness Routine

After spending more than a few days off my normal routine, indulging on foods and sweets I don’t typically consume, drinking more than usual and entertaining family — which, by the way, I wouldn’t change at all… life is meant for living — I have a few go-to wellness moves I use to help me feel less bloated and stressed and to bring me back to center.

  1. MORNING GREEN SMOOTHIE: I make mine with mostly veggies and superfoods/powders and only add a small handful of berries. For me, eating fresh, raw veggies first thing feels like it gives me life and flushes my system with tons of nutrients and good for you foods.
  2. INCREASE VEGGIES / REDUCE CARB INTAKE: Instead of trying to “eat no carbs” or place strict rules on myself to not eat carbs (referring mainly to refined, starchy or simple carbs here), I try to make sure I eat significantly more veggies, specifically leafy greens and cruciferous veggies to naturally crowd out other foods
  3. EAT MORE FIBER: Fiber helps reduce bloat and keeps your regular!
  4. AVOID ALCOHOL AT LEAST 1 WEEK: Truthfully, I drink regularly, but after an indulgent week, I find it best to give my body a break so it isn’t working overtime to process alcohol and the extra sugars
  5. JOURNAL AT LEAST 1X DAY: For me, I can easily lose my internal compass when I don’t commit to hearing her daily, leaving me feeling confused on a path forward
  6. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Can be anything you enjoy, not necessarily hitting the gym, just move more
  7. SIMPLIFY THE SOCIAL CALENDAR: After many days spent being social and active, I typically retreat a bit to bring myself back to center and focus on prioritizing my health and wellness
  8. PRIORITIZE SLEEP: The #1 tip! Your quality of sleep is tied to so many aspects of your wellbeing.

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